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There are more and more children diagnosed with attention deficit or behavior disorders. Around 2-7% of the population in Hungary is affected by ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder), and there are an estimated number of 70 000 children in our educational system, who live with this condition, meaning all classes are likely to have at least one child who is affected .

Children suffering some form of behavioral disorder cannot pay attention for very long, and have hard time controlling their momentary needs or ideas, so they are harder to deal with and support, and from a layman's perspective, are difficult to differentiate from children, who misbehave intentionally. Without special intervention and care their condition can cause numerous problems during education and later on in life, and for the communities in which they will eventually live. But, if proper care and support is provided in time, these children can become fully functioning and productive members of both adult and children society, as they very often possess above average skills and intelligence.

We would like to provide teachers at kindergartens with the tools to recognise and work effectively with ADHD in the regular learning environment. Currently, if parents in Hungary, Slovakia and Romania decide that their child has some unusual patterns of behaviour they can address specialized institutions that will determine the type of special need. Following examination, a treatment might be prescribed, which in most cases is involving cognitive behavioural therapy, which requires special professional support. Such support is mostly available in big cities and central parts of the countries mentioned. In other regions parents and their children would need to rely on the support from public education. In case of ADHD, the key figure in this context is the teacher. With our project, we would like to embrace this status-quo and empower teachers to be effective in their new emerging role.

We would like to support parents in making informed and unbiased judgement of their children's behaviour and be brave enough to admit their child has ADHD. They are the key and starting point for effective treatment. Our guide for parents will provide them with the fundamental body of knowledge needed in this regard.

We would like to establish an ongoing collaboration framework between teachers and parents, which will ensure the right environment (conditions) both at home and kindergarten for kids with ADHD. Both our intellectual outputs will raise awareness in that regard and motivate active communication between both target groups.



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What results are expected during the project and on its completion?

Our project envisages development of two intellectual outputs:

Digital manual for teachers (O1): it will provide methodological guidelines for work with ADHD children. It will be available in a pdf format, in four language versions (EN, HU, SK, RO).

Digital guide for parents (O2): it will provide information on how to recognize ADHD and guidelines for organising daily life activities, so to ensure proper climate for overcoming ADHD. It will be available in a pdf format, in four language versions (EN, HU, SK, RO).

Transnational project meetings:
in Budapest /2018
in Coventry /2018
in Roznava /2019
in Budapest /2019

Focus groups
for Output 1 / kindergarten teachers from Hungary, Slovakia and Romania
for Output 2 / parents from Hungary, Slovakia and Romania

Joint staff training
Coventry /2019

Dissemination conference
Budapest /2019

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